HackCodeX and my role of the Keynote speaker with “Data Quality as a prerequisite for business success: when should I start taking care of it?”

June 3-5, 2023 HackCodeX hackathon – a weekend-long experience, gathering tech enthusiasts from all over Europe to develop new ideas with the latest technology in a unique environment and atmosphere that serves as the meeting place for like-minded developers, designers, and business professionals eager to explore new paths – takes place. It will be accompanied by a one-day tech industry conference gathering international and local experts to discuss the key trends in technology and computing, where I act as one of those keynotes invited to deliver the talk devoted to the Data Quality that I entitled “Data Quality as a prerequisite for business success: when should I start taking care of it?

A full weekend of hacking and catching up with more than 400 other tech heads in an atmosphere and spirit like no other.

Sounds interesting? 🗓️ 🗓️ 🗓️ Save the date! June 5, 2023 – topics focused on the key topics, such as emerging technologies, security and privacy, hardware and infrastructure, data quality, quantum technologies, as well as language and framework updates. From the growing interest in Artificial Intelligence to practical tips for securing software applications and dwelling into performance optimization – HackCodeX aims to inspire and provide new knowledge for tech experts of all levels. 

Stay tuned and do not miss the opportunity to attend and meet me there! Read more here -> https://www.hackcodex.eu/forum

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